Welcome to Effective Organisation

Effective Organisation was formed in 1994. It is a management consultancy that specialises in a providing a wide range of practical support to organisations across a broad spectrum of commercial and non-commercial sectors.

This web site is designed to provide you with a flavour of our 'personality' and our style of support as well as giving you an idea of those things that we consider to be key in developing an 'effective organisation'. You will also get an insight into the services that we provide.
About us

Clive Shaw, our Management Consultant, is highly experienced in consultancy, recruitment, training and counselling, having spent a lifetime in management and higher education working as a manager, trainer and teacher.

He has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for many years and has been part of the Investors in People movement since its inception. He is also a practitioner and assessor in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
Training And Development

Effective Organisation is able to provide a wide range of consultancy, training and development tailored specifically for your particular needs and delivered in a way that reflects your organisation's style. Training is 'organisation centred' and is not delivered to a prescribed formula. It is what your organisation wants - not just what is available in our portfolio - it is designed to make you more successful.

A selection of the kinds of support we can provide is explained in more depth within this section.
Performance Management

Effective Organisation's aim is to work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them achieve the very highest levels of effectiveness.

We will learn about and work within the values and culture of your organisation, research any areas necessary to provide you with the solutions you require as well as constantly evaluating the service we are supplying to you to ensure you get the very best from us.
Improve your organisation

Effective Organisation can help you be clear about your business objectives and outcomes and facilitate effective business planning, using your most valuable resource - your employees.

Ultimately, we aim to help you achieve a balance of hard-nosed, directive, success seeking and task centred management with a people centred management style that encourages employees who willingly bring out their own best efforts in the interests of the company.
Case Studies

A selection of Case Studies and Quotes to demonstrate the level of success that Effective Organisation has delivered to its clients.
Major keys

Have you got clear objectives/outcomes?
Do you really know what your customers want?
Are your employees well trained?

These and many other question are answered in this section.
Investors in People

The potential benefits to be obtained from Investors in People recognition, include an organisation that has a well trained and highly motivated work force, and providing strategic and operational objectives.

A fictitious example of a review report containing typical issues is included here.
A Question of Balance

Creating a people centered managment style, balanced against a success seeking and task centered management style is not necessarily a skill we are born with.

So how to get this balance? this section provides the answers.